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We offer unique ways to present your products from a real-time 3D perspective unlike no other! From custom website landing pages, advertising banners to complete eCommerce storefronts built around your product providing the best interaction and informational experience.

3D Configurator definition

What exactly is a 3D Product Configurator? Chances are you have never heard of this term or you are slightly familiar with it. Maybe you have actually spent some time on a well known big brand vehicle website and stumbled across an area that allowed you to visually change the colours of a vehicle or rotate it 360° (degrees) for a better look. Thought's like pretty cool or amazing bubbled up in your mind and hey I wish I could afford something like this for my product, but bet it's really expensive?

The real news is yes for the car guys it was and still is quite expensive! However using today's software tools and advancement in WebGL, graphic cards, and browsers etc..you can afford to have your own online product configurator at an affordable price!

3D Product Configurators are fast becoming affordable tools for everyone looking to get their product converted into a real-time 3D experience. The product configurator allows your customers to get completely familiar and informed about your product through visualization. Thus transfer of information in greater detail and at a faster rate, we call this audience engagement.

Choice is yours as the product owner as to what you would like your customers to engage in while interacting with the product. For example you can have colour choices, texture, material, optional features, even environmental scenery changes. 3D Product Configurators boost sales, provide accelerated product information and are used for showcasing, informational and even eCommerce! The only limit to what is placed on your own product configurator is imagination!

We offer three custom Configurator styles for you to choose from; Standalone, Embedded and Combined. Each Configurator can be designed for either online or offline (in house) use and are produced in similar ways, the only difference being preference for the intended product and audience.

Audience engagement typically determines project requirements and is based on the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). User experience can be typical of the following examples for the product Configurator types: eCommerce, e-learning or Showcasing. To help determine what Configurator type will best serve a project requirements we have provided a general description of our three listed types. All Configurators can be expanded upon for functionality, deliverability and overall user engagement!

To get a better understanding of what configurator type will best suit your project requirements or needs, please click on the individual links below!

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