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We at Pictured Designs believe in the art of 3D modeling and all the benefits that can come with it! Whether you are designing a new home, contemplating a backyard deck or developing new products for customers? We can help bring those Pictured ideas into Design Reality!

3D modeling will allow you to discover new ideas, investigate problems that you never thought of, and most of all create that Visualization of whatever you are trying to achieve in your modeling design.

We offer custom 3D modeling for all your project needs!

3D Design

Architectural Visualization Project l Casa Aqua

This is an existing home built in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I challenged myself to recreate it in 3D. The house was modeled in Blender by referencing a photo that I found through Google!  Completed photo below in Blender 2.79 / rendered using Cycles.

3d model house
3D House Recreation - Original design by Barrionuevo Sierchuk Arquitectas

Backyard Designs

We can take your concept design ideas and turn them into design reality. Above is an example of a backyard design, click to view more images. From line art detailed on a cocktail napkin to fully drafted in Revit Architecture and final render (cycles) performed in Blender! Visualization before you build it!

Backyard 3d design
New Backyard - 3D design

Shed Designs

This is a gazebo design idea turned into a reality,dedicated to hot tub and outdoor enthusiast alike. Completely modeled and rendered (cycles) in Blender! Another Visualization design before you build it!

Shed Design - Hot Tub Gazebo

Small House Renovation

Ideas and measurements scratched onto paper with hopes of having an open concept for entertaining all house guest that stop by! This was a fairly tight space to work with, three different 3D models design ideas were developed in Blender and presented. In the end the client choose a favorite and has since started the reno!

Client criteria:

Remove center wall. Large island for guests to sit at. Update the kitchen for fresh new look. Deliver some design ideas to help visualize the project.

client remodel
Design Concept #3 -Kitchen Reno

3D Sport Graphic Bumper

As part of our portfolio collection we thought we'd add our very own "3d sports bumper" just to showcase some of our other talent. This was designed, built, and produced all in Blender! This is an alternate to creating full on video commercials! The only limit is your imagination in what you would like to create for your business?

Budget for these types of production is at a fraction of the cost to traditional video commercials.

3D Sport Bumper

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