About us

Who is Pictured Designs?

Pictured Designs is a digital content producer for 3D Configurators designed for product Showcasing, E-commerce, Design innovation and E-learning.

Pictured Designs had its initial beginnings in 2008 offering services in Drafting and in 3D Creative Design work. Due to the enormous interest and client demand to produce 3D Configurators we shifted our services to create, produce and deliver content of this type. In 2017 with the launch of Verge3D software by Soft8Soft in their pioneering efforts and innovations it quickly became the leading choice software for Pictured Designs to use. The use and diversity of Verge3D allows us the flexibility to deliver an engaging 3D Configurator experience to our clients and their audience!

Our company prides its self on producing the best visual engagement through our offered 3D Product Configurators.  Do you have a product in mind that requires a 3D Configurator? We appreciate any opportunity in providing our services to get your audience engaged with real time 3D and deliver your products the way you want it to be experienced!

Check us out and see what we can do for you!

Pictured Designs ■ La Salle, MB ■ Canada
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